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The name Angwin usually originates from Cornwall,UK .Its Cornish translation is as follows. An gwyn - the white. In West Cornwall, quite often the second syllable of words have a stronger emphasis, and so it is usually pronounced anGwin. However in other places it is often pronounced Ann gwin. This site is for the time being dedicated to the Angwins around the world and our common ancestry.

As far as Angwin goes, there are some interesting facts.It is the 32,797 most popular name in the US? but I am not sure how many people that implies.

There is a small town called Angwin in the Napa valley in California which is a community of about 2500 residents on Howell Mountain about 70 miles north of San Francisco as shown in the map, (See Links page for pictures) named I believe after Edwin Angwin (click here to see a picture) who emigrated from St Just, Cornwall and settled in California

There is also an Angwin cemetry in Birmingham Alabama, US as well as an Angwin Road in St.Agnes Cornwall and supposedly a statue of an Angwin in Nottingham UK.

As far as I am aware, all of the above can be traced back to the Angwins of West Cornwall and if you are wondering what the black and white flag is, it is St Piran's flag, the patron saint of Cornwall and the masthead is yellow like the colour of Cornish tartan.

Thank you to all of the people that have helped me compile this site with pictures and emails.